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Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before you purchase any product using this website or on call. Booking with Journeynew.com is solely depends upon your acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions mentioned below. Therefore any use of this website results in acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions are simple and clear and if do not agree to it, we may say please do use our website. Journeynew.com reserves all rights to change any Terms & Conditions anytime at its sole discretion.

The company reserves the right at any time and due to any reason:

To cancel a ticket prior to the departure date, and if the same is done, its liability would be limited to refunding the money paid by the Traveler, towards the ticket.

To amend, alter, differ or withdraw any tour, expedition or facility that has been advertised or published by the company. The company would not be liable for any reimbursement, additional expense or consequential loss that is suffered by the Traveler/Group.

Other than the company, in writing would have the authority to vary, add, modify. off any representation, description, Terms & Conditions set forth over here or in the company brochure, or other terms as well as conditions regarding tour being booked.

In the event of the company needing to exercise its right to amend or modify any tour as is advertised in its brochure or in any other media after such vacation have been booked the Traveler shall be entitled:

To proceed with the vacation or tour as amended or modified

To agree to any alternative vacation or tour that the company may offer. The company in neither of the aforesaid cases shall be liable to the Traveler/Group for any damage, additional expense and consequential loss being suffered by the Traveler/Group.

In no circumstances whatsoever the company shall be liable to the Traveler/Group for:

Any accident, death, sickness, personal injury, loss, delay, higher expense, or consequential damage by any similar reason.

Any act, default of any air carrier, travel element supplier or by any servant/agent employed by the travel element supplier who may be responsible for the provision of accommodation, meals, carriage facility or the Traveler/Group service, howsoever caused.

No liability on the company part arising via any means out of this contract with regards to any vacation, tour or excursion facility shall surpass the total paid amount or agreed to be paid for making the tour, vacation, tour element or excursion, and in no case shall include any consequential damage or additional expense whatsoever.

The prices as have been quoted in the comapny brochure(s)/quotation are in USD or its equivalent in foreign currency. The comapny also reserves the right to amend these costs in case of currency fluctuation and because of changes in various exchange rates and/or fuel cost before the departure and to the surcharge accordingly.

Taxes and Fees Charges on Airline Tickets

Government imposed taxes and fees and any applicable airline ticket imposed fees are either included in your fare or itemized separately on your checkout page to provide a trip cost.

Booking Fee : Please note that a nominal processing fee will be levied on all bookings made by you through our website or via our on-call travel experts.

Changes/Cancellations/Refunds : Any changes made with Journey new to your itinerary will incur per ticket Journey new processing fee.

Baggage & Other Ancillary Airline Fees : During the booking process new provides a summary of key terms of an airline's baggage fees, but each airline should be consulted for complete information about its baggage.

Entry/Exit Fees : If you are traveling internationally, some countries or airports charge fees upon entering. These fees are not included in the ticket price.

Minors : Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to purchase, cancel or modify any services available through Journeynew.com