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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority.

Journey New as a responsible firm take your privacy seriously and provide this privacy policy to inform you of our practices on how we use, and guard personal identity you share with members of our website or us. Personal information is information that is identifiable by oneself like name, email address, phone number, E-mail address, etc. By using our website, you agree to the terms described in this document.

Protecting Your Personal Information

We adopt the highest level of privacy when it comes to protecting your private and personal information. Whenever you buy any kind of travel products from our website including cheap flights, discounted hotel packages, competitive vacation packages or cheap car rentals, we ensure that your filled personal details are in a safe online reservoir. Whatever details you fill in, your name, contact details and date of birth, it is sure to stay private throughout.

Furthermore, the most sensitive information that is your credit card details is also safe with our website. We use the most trusted payment gateway so that such sensitive information does not get leaked out and is used for only the specified transaction. We do not sell, share, or trade any of your personal details or credit details to third parties and if required for some pertinent use, your prior consent is our top most priority.

The complete process of registering a new account, signing up to an existing account or buying a travel product is all taken care with ease and convenience in a safe environment.

Wise Use of Your Personal Information

As and now we do use your personal details like your email id, mobile number and your contact address but only to get in touch with you so as to keep you updated with our latest promotional offer, discount packages, or flight deals. We do get in touch with you to introduce our special offers that may fall into your interest wish list. We also contact you to listen to your complaints and understand your issues so as to keep ourselves ongoing with what satisfies our clients.

Furthermore, we are compelled to use your personal details with corporate services that work in conjunction with our operations. The third parties coined under this kind of corporate services include credit card processing company, finance management firm, call centre services, marketing personnel, customer care department, fraud prevention corporate services and content organizations. They too follow the same privacy policies as we do in compliance with all the legal regulations.

Rest all your personal details are not used without your permission.

Highest Level of Security

When it comes to security of your private and personal information, we are committed to providing the highest level of security. The trusted and verified payment gateway is the backbone to our promise of security.

When you enter your credit card details for payments on our website we encrypt the sensitive information on a secure server using a high-grade data encryption key. However, if you get any warning message during the payment process there is a possibility that you are switching over from a secure server or there maybe some web issue. In that case do follow the warning instructions or get in touch us with immediate response.

Further to that, we also use third-party tracking system that keeps away all the fraudulent entries to the websites and information that is non-personally identifiable. However, your privacy and security of your private and personal information is our foremost duty and responsibility as well, we cannot guarantee 100% safety. This is because any mode of transmission or any communication over the internet can never be 100% secure. Although we maintain the highest degree of security we do recommend you to change your password on and often and maintain passwords that are difficult to hack. Passwords like your name or birth date are most dangerous while complicated passwords with a mix of alphabets and numbers are secure enough to maintain your privacy.

Legal Obligations

Although maintain the privacy of your private information is our key concern we are bounded to disclose the same under legal issues. We do reserve the right to disclose the information if in case it is required for any kind of judicial proceedings or legal process so as to maintain the dignity and standard of our website on the world wide web.

Amendments in the Privacy Policy

At any point of time, we may and we can amend the privacy policy of our operations. Time and again it is important to alter the policies to ensure that the website operations and all the business activities are carrying out seamlessly. We strive to move on with client’s satisfaction in a way that we are able to serve the global travel needs under one umbrella. For all your queries and issues, trust we are always here. You can get in touch with Cheap Flights Fares at:

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